Episode 82: Snacks & Treats

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we’re talking about snacks. We have seen all of the pictures of the snacks that we stash in our toolboxes like a bunch of amphetamine-fueled bipedal squirrels. From the heavenly Divine Bovine beef and bacon jerky, to chips and crackers with cheese, what we eat on the job varies as much as the things that we work on. Often times they can be broken down by regions as well. Either way these quick little pick me up’s do just the trick and keep our gears turning. However, we also talk about some of the downfalls of some of our favorite snacks, and the real problems caused by too many stimulants, predominantly from energy drinks.

Also, we get a brief glimpse into the bleak and competitive childhood of Uncle Jimmy. So let us know what you’re eating in the shop, we might just stop by and share!

Hey, we want to know more about you so we can make Grease the Wheels even better in the episodes to come. We also want to know where you’re from so we can hit as many of you as possible in a project coming up very soon on Grease the Wheels.

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