Episode 100: For Those About to Wrench, We Salute You!

On this week’s Grease the Wheels, we wanted to take a minute to thank everyone on planet earth who fixes things. You all are the reason that we keep doing this podcast, but more importantly you are the reason that this world continues to move. We take a look at some of the favorite topics, themes, and mantras of the first hundred episodes as we pop in a new clip and set our sites on the next hundred, with more episodes of “The Makes”, “The Models”, and introducing some filmed segments of the show. We also salute to all of you in the indy shop’s who have to fix absolutely everything that gets driven, dragged, or pushed into your shops. Finally, we revisit the topic of opening your own shop. We completely screwed up the tone of that episode: we think it’s an awesome idea to open your own shop, especially if you have really plateaued at your current job. It keeps more money in local economies employing local people to fix local cars and then the techs, who should be paid fairly if you want to enjoy success, spend that money locally.

Also Uncle Jimmy recounts arguing with Erik the Producer(it didn’t come to blows or anything, we still have all of our teeth and limbs) over having too many “Service Advisor” episodes and writes the ultimate script for Service Advisors to be able to sell just about anything. And Uncle Jimmy gives a serious PSA about getting a colonoscopy after turning 40 or earlier if you have a family history of it.

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