Episode 11: Service Advisor Shenanigans

“Service Advisors don’t really need any skills except maybe how to type, and some of them cant even do that!” In this episode we look at some of the B.S. that service advisors pull that directly affects your paycheck, and we take a look at how the best service advisor we’ve ever met didn’t know a single fucking thing about cars.

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Episode 10: Money

Money, it’s a gas. Except sometimes flat rate can totally suck ass. On this week’s GTW, we talk division of labor, how jobs get doled out, the pitfalls of flat rate, and some of the other payment styles out there.

Episode 7: Parts Guys

Believe it or not, there is probably someone at your job more miserable than you are. Coincidentally, they are the only people in the building paid less than you are. This week we dive into the the world of parts guys.

Episode 6: Makes

In this episode we take a look at the automotive brands- the ones we like to work on, the ones we don’t like to work on, and the ones would rather roll out the back door after tossing a Molotov Cocktail into it (looking at you Audi).

Episode 1: Customers

In this inaugural episode of Grease The Wheels, we talk about the lifeblood of our industry — the customers. We talk the ones we love, the ones we hate, and the fact that family is a lot easier to love when their cars are still under warranty!