Episode 146: Any Way, Any Where, Any How

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels we talk about indies, mobile techs, and “rogue techs” who are working out of their home garages. Because we work in a dealership, this podcast often revolves around working for a dealership as a mechanic, but there are many modern alternatives that have been gaining traction as the business has evolved. Indie shops are truly a mixed bag: with some of them being well run, mom and pop shops where the staff genuinely feels like a family and others that are basically chop shops. Either way, do your homework on any shop that you are looking to bring your talents as a mechanic too, because it is your reputation on the line in some cases.

A shop’s bad reputation can follow you even if you are only in a shop-of-ill-repute for a short period of time. Mobile mechanics have seen an interesting rise with the internet and people being less and less able to fix things on their own cars. The Rogues though truly have it figured out, being able to work on their own time, in their own space, and having the choice of what they actually have to work on. No matter where you are in the indie-tech spectrum, be prepared to have to fix whatever rolls, drives, or gets dragged through the door- because you have no idea what they might be bringing in. Either way the indie scene is booming as dealerships struggle to fill their ranks, and there are forthcoming developments from us that will make that whole “rogue tech” thing a lot easier!

Also Uncle Jimmy describes the post-Corona labor market and teases WWIII.

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