Episode 122: Better Fed than Red

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy completely destroys communism faster than the apprentice who forgot to put the drain plug back in his waiter oil change. While our notion that workers should get paid more does smack of some of Marx’s more heavily Sparknoted works, we know the simple market fact that all workers are NOT created equal. We all know different things, we have different levels of experience, and we have different levels of education- so the idea of paying us all two potatoes a week is pretty laughable. We also know how communism ACTUALLY works, being that the “classless society” workers utopia is actually a split tiered system with party members not really being a part of the “classless society”. We’re not claiming to have class, we just want a little bit bigger slice of the pie that has been kept from us by anti-capitalistic practices and failing to see the increasing level of complexity of the things that we work on: and thus the need for more tools, training, knowledge, and MONEY.

Also, Uncle Jimmy talks about some of the changes coming in the market due to the US’s regime change and volunteers to be NASA’s next Lunar Rover mobile mechanic!

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