Episode 101: POS

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are doing a case study of the single worst service advisor that Uncle Jimmy has ever had. A bad service advisor won’t try to sell the customer on the recommended repairs that a technician finds in a multipoint inspection. A worse service advisor will assume that a customer might not have money based on the way they’re dressed or some other prejudicial factor. A terrible service advisor thinks they are brilliant when they are clearly not. A horrendous service advisor would actually take the customers that came to his shop for diag and send them to other shops that have a lower labor rate for the repair. This one guy did all of these things and many, many more! Bonus points, it is all on tape and HE KNEW HE WAS BEING RECORDED! Finally, we go over what makes a good one, how to train them, and how to keep them working in relative harmony with your service department – just make sure they never say that, “the technicians are making too much money” or you might have a crime scene on your hands.

Also Uncle Jimmy talks human resources in the mob, CRM software that helps break down the barrier between customer, service advisor, and technicians, and bounces it off the limiter 81 times before editing (I did my best folks).

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