Episode 108: Things That Make You Go “F***!”

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we have been informed by our good buddy Travis that in a recent episode we said the word “F***!” 58 times. That might seem like a lot, but those are some rookie numbers for Uncle Jimmy- so we gotta pump those numbers up. Firstly, “F***!” is used to describe thousands of situations that we as humans collectively and technicians specifically experience every day. Sometimes it is entirely internal, existing only in our inner monologue- yet oftentimes it makes itself known to the material world in especially frustrating situations. Sometimes “F***!” is coming into work and seeing a comeback that was parked by a tow truck driver terribly and it wont start. Regardless, this single syllable expression of all of your frustrations perfectly fits in so many facets of what we do for a living. This is only compounded when the word “intermittent” is on a repair order, a bolt snaps, or a part breaks. So this week, we are going to get into linguistics by painting a picture of why we need that word and why “F***!” needs to be so universally loved and hated at the same time.

Also Uncle Jimmy talks about being a DJ once upon a time in the 90s, his scary accurate internal clock, and all of the things that make him say “F***!”

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