Episode 125: A Can’t Do Attitude!

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we are talking about one of the things that can single you out the fastest in a shop: the can’t do attitude. As we have stated before, trying to have a good attitude in your shop is always a good thing, but we also implore you to have a “can do” attitude over a “can’t do” attitude. This will open a lot of doors professionally and will prevent your bosses from pigeon-holing you as the “the guy who only does this one thing.” We also talk about an extreme example of this in one of Uncle Jimmy’s former shops, with a person working in a BMW dealership with so few skill and training sets that it might be possible for him to misspell the brand they both work for. We also want to know, what jobs give you the “can’t do” attitude? For Uncle Jimmy it’s tire rotations on cars with 50-50 weight distributions and the entire Jaguar brand!

Also Uncle Jimmy talks about some of his early repair endeavors and the vast collection of unwritten knowledge that exists amongst auto mechanics that we’re going to try to turn into a YouTube series!

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