Episode 131: Happy

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we are talking about some of the things that make us happy as automotive technicians. We come up with several metrics to figure out if you should stay with your current shop based on how happy it makes you. There are a million things working in any shop that can make you unhappy, so it really is surprising when places get it mostly right! We also talk about hoarder cars that would shame a petri dish, compost in cowls, and other general disgustingness that might come our way. Also we do a deep dive into family run shops versus corporate shops when it comes to the happiness of their technicians. So if you are looking for a job where the boss will probably get to know you personally, you’ll want to go to a family run shop or dealership. When the bottom line is the top of mind, the happiness quotient is going to be grim for technicians. At the end of the day a respect for what we do, getting paid for what we are worth, and having a clear path of advancement are the core elements of keeping a technician happy long term, and we want to know what makes you happy!

Also Uncle Jimmy comes up with a novel solution (mid-rant) for how to get aftermarket warranty telemarketers to stop calling you!

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