Episode 137: Now Hear This!

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels we talk about the incredible amount of things that we as mechanics can tell about a car by the way it sounds. There are a ton of issues on cars, boats, machines, whatever you work on- where the first sign of trouble is going to be something not quite sounding right. Yet, somehow our customers (and producer) will ignore these sounds to the point where they become a catastrophic and completely avoidable failure. We also talk about one of the absolute keys to assessing the health of used cars- the cold start: there are a ton of things that a trained ear can tell you about a car from it’s cold start. We also go into some of the various musical genres that get played most in our shops while also discussing the futility of listening to AM radio in a car with a top of the line surround sound system.

Also Uncle Jimmy gives a shout out to “Punk-Rock Thursdays”

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