Episode 152: Bargain

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy falls asleep on the couch and wakes up at 4AM to record a podcast. Most technicians are a straight up bargain. From the amount of things that we have to know to what the shops that employ us charge, we know that there is a real disconnect between the rate at which we receive raises to the rate at which our jobs get more difficult. As a result many shops are stacked up with work weeks in advance, and they are constrained by the ability to get technicians.

All technicians are bargains right out of tech school, they have bills to pay so they often take the first livable offer that they get. Oftentimes this leads to a high level of attrition among new technicians. However, shops that offer a clear path of advancement and opportunity to get more training often see a higher level of retention and technician advancement. They pay needs to keep up though, otherwise that development will go to profit someone else. We also talk about a day where all of the technicians of the world take a day off, because they definitely cant fire us all. Even if they do, there’s still a tech shortage.

Also Uncle Jimmy explains tax and fiscal policy in the most Grease the Wheels way humanly possible.

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