Episode 155: Amazing Journey

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we detail the amazing journey of being an automotive technician in true Uncle Jimmy fashion. From being a mechanically adept or interested youngster with a POS car, to making the leap into tech school and eventually becoming a skilled journeyman, to eventually exiting the industry either on a gurney or through a rage quit – there is only one constant. Everyone’s occupational journey is different. Sometimes there are different challenges and different levels of skill coming in, but a good attitude and knack for solving problems can improve your trajectory and make you go a long way in this industry.

However, the goal as a technician should always be a higher rate of pay and if you are not being offered regular raises it may be time to leave the building. Of course, this depends on how valuable you are as a technician, because there are some instances where managers are genuinely glad to see you go and the shop actually improves. However, you should strive not to be that guy on the amazing journey and continually make yourself more valuable in the form of better training, knowing more systems, and being able to turn more hours.

Also Uncle Jimmy breaks down the American educational system.

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