Episode 160: The Games We Play

On this week’s Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy reimagines some popular games to be more on brand with technicians and people who fix things for a living. There’s probably a good 2/3rds of you reading this right now who are playing “Trash Jenga” (we want to see who has the tallest!) but what other games are out there? From the classics: “Battleship”, “Operation” and “Monopoly” we get to imagine the ultimate pick and pull and come face to face with some of the harsh realities of the industry.

Thankfully though there are games like Cards Against Humanity, that allow normal people a brief window into normal everyday shop talk! We also come up with some genuine originals that are going to be a massive hit at your next party such as “F*** That Car!” Finally, we wrap it all up with a fairly serious dive into media portrayal/consumption and branding entire occupations, in regards to a possible solution to the massive technician shortage.

Also Uncle Jimmy has very clearly never played Risk.

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