Episode 20: Anxiety

Work anxiety is something that most people face, but folks, a car that isn’t repaired correctly is one of the least dangerous pieces of machinery on the planet (unlike an airplane that isn’t fixed correctly as Uncle Jimmy recounts). Sure, if you don’t put a wheel on right it could fly off and if you don’t put in a drain plug after an oil change it could blow up the engine- but at the end of the day it all culminates to things that you have seen before. Also we talk the “Push Button Timing Challenge” and drumming on oil pans to remember if you put the drain plug back in. When you remember that every car on the planet has/will/is broken, you get a bit more perspective and don’t bring the stresses of work home with you. Finally, we talk about what happens if you have too much anxiety about fixing stuff wrong, but still love working on cars.

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