Episode 22: Inglorious Service Managers

In this week’s GTW we take a break from running Service Managers and Advisors into the ground to describe the type that we all would want. Basically what it comes down to is that if we are respected, appreciated, and paid: we’ll do ANYTHING that person asks us to do. Service manager’s should be in the building- not hiding from problems in their bunker while you go over the top. Service managers should be able to do everything in the building- were not saying that he should do all of that stuff, but they should at the very least be able to. They need to be able to do what the people they delegate tasks to do. Writing r/o’s, talking to customers, even washing cars or grabbing parts in a real pinch. We also talk the sad fact that empathy and common sense isn’t so goddamn common anymore. But most importantly, they should ultimately be on your side, because stuff goes wrong and a lot of the time it’s not your fault. We also talk interviewing technicians, and the idea of bringing in a technician or foreman to snuff out the bad candidates.

Also Uncle Jimmy talks about dogs.

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