Episode 24: Work Flow

If there is one universal truth about life and working in a repair shop, it is that things are not fair. Often times this is due to different levels of ability, favoritism, or just outstanding debts- but we cant help but see the fact that in a lot of cases a select few are getting all of the gravy. This entire situation gets magnified because of the fact that your manager or dispatcher knows that there are differences in skill or knowledge on specific systems. For example, transmission specialists are getting more rare by the day, so when your the transmission guy, you’re getting the cars that have transmission problems. Lets face it, if you have skill, ability, and intelligence, you probably won’t be getting the easy jobs because of the economics behind handing the easy work off to the cheapest option- that and it’s easy and they won’t fuck it up (most of the time). Management wants to optimize the amount of work coming in and out of the shop, and this usually means handing off the easy stuff to the cheapest help, much to the dismay of the people who break their backs and rack their brains with the tough ones.

Also Uncle Jimmy goes over why murder is bad.