Episode 27: The Ladies

On this week’s GTW we talk about working with the fairer sex, and some of the copious amounts of bullshit they have to put up with in our industry. The automotive industry is tough for women, on top of being tough jobs anyways. Service managers who are women often have a lot of problems with customers, even when they know more about cars than that customer. It’s equally bad for women work in a parts store, as we’ve all seen the old customer hang up when they hear a woman’s voice. All women think that mechanics are ripping them off. We know that is exactly NOT how it works, because we are not getting the money.

Also we talk the four letter words all women hate, Uncle Jimmy gives a short biology lesson, and we lay out one of the cardinal rules for dealing with women in the automotive industry:

“Thou shall deal with the ladies as you would deal with your mom or sister.”