The Models: The Chevrolet Blazer

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are paying homage and telling a hell of a lot of epic stories about one of our all time favorites: the Blazer. Weather it is ripping through an apple orchard, crawling down ATV trails, or rummaging through pick-and-pulls for extra bits we loved this simple and capable truck for what it was. A truck. The new one is just a Equinox on some muscle milk. However, Erik the Producer lays out a few of the reasons why they did this: mainly that the amount of people who ACTUALLY need a capable off-road SUV is a hell of a lot less than the number of people who THINK they need an off-road capable SUV for when there is a bit of snow. Additionally, there is a huge cash and time investment that Ford has made with the new Bronco (which is so cool even Uncle Jimmy wants one) that GM wouldn’t really be able to beat them to market with something completely new. Besides, Ford beat GM to market with this product once, and GM went on to make and sell a lot more of them over the next 4 decades. Either way, what we want to know, “is General Motors building a Bronco-Buster?”

Some come along as we talk about mayhem, mischief, and mini trucks that are all just some of the great stories we have about Blazers. But of course that’s not where this episode ends, we want to hear your epic Blazer and Jimmy stories!

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