Episode 104: Corona Update

On this week’s Grease the Wheels, we take a look at the state of the industry through the continuing Coronavirus Pandemic. Honestly, we thought it would have blown over by now (more on that later) but it hasn’t and we are still working. We feel that the image of the mechanic as an essential worker was slightly sullied by the fact that Uncle Jimmy’s insurance agent was also an “essential worker”, but that is ok. Business needs to keep on keeping on. As mechanics we are all very much in this together and many of us are in the same boat. However, if you were coming to this episode looking for answers, it seems that the only answer is that no one knows what is really going on, or going to happen. As it sits right now demand for technicians is down, but as things start to open back up and people can start traveling again they are going to need their cars serviced and repaired, often from a lack of being used. Finally, we give voice to a widely held belief about this whole thing: that IF it goes away after November it was manufactured by the media. If it sticks around and gets bad again it probably wasn’t our fault!

Also Uncle Jimmy gives an actual 0-Star review of Progressive Insurance, outlines the job description of an “Automotive Insult-ant” and provides a completely neutral, yet still somehow scathing take on the State of the Union.

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