Episode 105: Waiters

On this week’s episode we are tackling the issue of waiters. Firstly, we suggest talking to the other technicians and foreman in your shop and coming up with a list of jobs that customers really can’t wait for. After that we suggest talking to the service manager and service advisors because this will make everyone’s job easier. However, not all waiters are created equal, as there are the “no other options” waiters, the “patient up to a point” waiters, and the “people who think they are going to be waiters when they need new connecting rods”. Also we talk about some of the anxiety that comes from having customers waiting and they all over you to get it done. Most importantly, we go over some of the jobs that customers can wait for and really can’t wait for. However, when all else fails the idea that “the customer is always right” is consistently smashed by a chorus coming from the back: “WAITERS GONNA WAIT!”

Also Uncle Jimmy talks about the point of aggravation, the ethical and legal ramifications of assault and battery, and pre air conditioning Texans.

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