Episode 106: Genesis

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are getting back to our roots. This podcast was created to rail against people who do not take what we do seriously, and therefore do not pay us seriously. In this episode we take a look at what Uncle Jimmy has been doing in the grip of “corona-madness” by reading articles about the state of the industry. While guidance counselors are pushing kids out of the trades and into 4-year degrees at a blistering pace (DO NOT get the producer started on this) and schools are cutting trades programs, this does not account for the sheer lack of supply coming into the automotive technician market. Because of this dancing around the real issue, there is a serious problem between optics and real market factors. The problem is, has been, and will most likely remain: THE MONEY! However, in his studies Uncle Jimmy did find one guy who went way out on a limb and argued for technicians to make on the order of $60-70/Hour. He probably got laughed out of the country club for that one but we certainly appreciate it as a benchmark. Also we talk about how we all got started fixing cars and some of the practical lessons that come with it- all in the pursuit of getting the hell off of the farm. This episode description could seriously be four pages, so just listen to it and comment with your favorite line from it!

Finally, Uncle Jimmy effortlessly combines H.P. Lovecraft, Adam Smith, and this entire episode in the line: “through the madness a few might just see that the solution is the almighty dollar[…]but most straight-up refuse to see it”

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