Episode 110: Listen!

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are taking a look at the industry-wide scourge of a lot of people talking, but not a lot of people listening or doing. Mechanics are really pretty good at listening to other mechanics on a whole, but when it comes to the potentially vast reserve of experience and practical problem solving experience found in the back of the shop, management will try to reinvent the wheel when someone else in the building might already have the answer. Additionally, there is a huge value in having people from all sorts of different backgrounds when it comes to problems that are more regional in nature like rust. We also talk about one of the other unspoken shop rules: “There is a way of doing things that is good, there is a way of doing things that is bad, and there is the way that things actually get done.” Additionally we go over some “dealership math” of how to cram 700 cars into 500 parking spaces (some of this is actually pretty helpful) and Uncle Jimmy gets subliminal on his sales manager. Finally, we want to listen to you: what types of episodes do you want to hear coming up, any topics that you would like us to cover- let us know!”

Also Uncle Jimmy describes one of the elements of his quadrophenia when it comes to the shop being “orderly”, but we all know that the only guarantee when you ask someone not to make a mess is that they will make a bigger one next time.

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