Episode 111: S4B

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are talking a little bit of science fiction by specing out our ideal robot toolbox. There is a good shot that this is where we as an are going, so we thought we would throw it out into the universe and see if anyone wanted to build the thing. Give it a shape like R2D2, magnetic bolt trays with voice integration, a jump box, and the voice of H. Jon Benjamin and you have pretty much the perfect assistant. Build it like a tank, give it sensors to read OBDII, and Bluetooth integration for your Curien N2 and it could pay for itself. We just hope the eventual Harbor Freight version of it understands english well enough because we don’t know a lot of techs who are fluent in Mandarin. Either way, a lot of the technologies proposed in this episode already exist, we just have to put them all together with a powerful A.I.- what could go wrong!

Also Uncle Jimmy goes over his Jimmy John’s order and names his robot toolbox!

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