Episode 112: UJ-2000

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are talking about some of the untapped potential that lies with the video multi point inspection. Some shops have them, some don’t, but we feel like more shops are going to have it sooner rather than later. This is really a good thing for us, we just wish we would get paid for doing them. First off, Uncle Jimmy goes over his various scripts for situations that come up in MPI’s when he does them, and offers a ton of practical advice that will help you find your groove if you are struggling with them. Another option is to possibly team up with another technician in your shop who is good at selling the work through the Video MPI. Either way, it is a lot easier to sell repairs when you can show the customer what is wrong with the car. Which brings us conveniently to our next point- a kiosk that completely automates the service advisor role and expands the concept of the video MPI, to make it a lot easier on shops that are having issues with their service advisors. Finally, we put it all together in the form of the UJ-2000, we want to know what else it should be able to do!

Also, Uncle Jimmy mixes up the voting age and the age of consent in regard to an air filter that was installed in the Bush Administration.

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