Episode 113: Service Manager Expectations

On this week’s (slightly delayed, sorry love!) episode of Grease the Wheels, we take a deep dive into the role of the Service Manager. What is their job, what should be their job, and what should you expect out of them are all on the docket in this slightly longer episode. When you don’t get what you expect, this causes friction. This is compounded when you actually take a look at how the job gets done. The problem is that when you have good help and the shop runs fairly smoothly, Service Managers don’t really have a whole hell of a lot to do. However, their importance really can’t be understated because at the end of the day they are the buffer between a potentially irate customer and literally every other part of the business. The buck stops with them, and it usually ends up with people asking for repairs to be comped by the shop! As with all things in the automotive world the bad ones are impossible to get rid of, the good ones are hard to keep. Finally, we give some serious “trench-level analysis” on dealership operations as a whole.

Also Uncle Jimmy quotes the Rolling Stones, goes over the expectations of dogs, and reaffirms his belief that accountants ruin everything!

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