Episode 117: Five Dollars a Day

On this episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy completely Tarantino’s Henry Ford’s rapid expansion of the middle class by introducing the $5 a day minimum wage to his factory workers. First off, right around half of that was a wage from the work they did in the factory. The other half came from living in accordance with Ford’s own personal standards, in a move that would make the ACLU’s mouth water. Either way the results were profound, and Ford soon had more qualified help than he could reasonably hire. The point here is: because he paid more than everyone else he had the absolute pick of the litter when it came to who worked for him. Finally, Uncle Jimmy postulates the similarities between Ford fixing his HR problems with shops and dealerships fixing the technician shortage; by means of making it so attractive that really everyone would want to come work for you.

Also Uncle Jimmy walks through the Human Resources complexities of hiring morons.

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