Episode 118: Priorities

On this week’s Grease the Wheels, we are asking a simple question: what are your priorities? When it comes to work, for most of us in general, it’s to make as much money as possible. Other days it is getting out of the building as fast as possible. We have personal priorities in addition to our career priorities, and often the two can cause conflict. Everyone in the building is going to have different priorities, and this isn’t even getting to the various priorities of the customers. Some of them get it and their priority is to keep their car in good shape by doing recommended maintenance. Some customers don’t make their car as big of a priority as it should be, and we have to fight them to get the repairs their car needs. Either way we end up fixing them, weather they pay for it now, or typically a lot more for it later. We also explore the priorities of service advisors, and how their understanding of customers priorities can make them significantly better at overcoming their objections. Finally, helping people out is really our priority as a whole as mechanics

Also, Uncle Jimmy compares the 7-Series BMW and Tiger Mark IV in terms of maintenance difficulty (and probably cost) and leaves us with this nugget of wisdom: “What you do is important, regardless of how much you’re not getting paid!”

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