Episode 120: Department 404 (Parts Not Found)

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are taking a look at your favorite department that doesn’t have any of the stuff you need in stock: parts! No, we kid, we actually do a fairly good dive on why your parts department doesn’t have the parts that you need. The meat of it comes when it comes to the type of personnel that shops are getting to apply for parts jobs in general due to the poverty-inducing wage that they offer for it. As with most automotive jobs, hiring managers are going to get what they pay for. The real rub here comes when you take into account some of the things that parts personnel have to be able to anticipate and know about the market they service when it comes to what parts to stock, and in what quantities. This puts the criminally low starting wage of one Texas Ford dealership of $9/hour into stark contrast with the actual requirements of the job. Finally, we go over the way that some of the best we have seen do the job, and ask if your parts department is good at what they do?

Also, Uncle Jimmy gives the GTW treatment of “how to do your job” to the panhandlers of Austin and puts parts changers on blast.

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