Episode 121: Action Job Story

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we are actually dispensing useful information when it comes to getting you paid: we are talking about how to write a job story. For the purpose of this episode we are mostly talking about how to get paid the absolute most when it comes to warranty repairs. Now obviously you are going to want to document everything you do to the car in order to get paid for everything you did, but there are also ways to make time in this scenario. We also go into why documenting everything you do to a car can be useful in the case of a comeback or covering your ass with an unscrupulous customer. At the end of the day we suggest that you try to write your job stories like an action movie, with all of the gory details. Also we have a callback to Episode 115: Pride and ask you to tell us some of your stories about fixing the things that others couldn’t!

Also Uncle Jimmy talks his favorite authors: Hemingway, Stephen King, and Tom Clancy and quite possibly is the first person to ever say the word “Unclejimmyville.”

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