Episode 123: Tech Expectations

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we take a deep dive into what you should expect from your employers, the job, and your fellow technicians. We take a look at new guys, and how attitude can sometimes take you further in this industry than skill alone when getting over being “the new guy.” One of the things that is expected out of all of us is that when the cars we work on get more advanced that our skill-set keeps up. This is a rare example in the free market of getting paid the same amount of money despite the job getting significantly more complicated on a regular basis. Also we talk about expecting to get paid flat rate, and some of the pitfalls and good points of the flat rate system. Regardless, this is the final chapter of the “Expectations” series and we have had a lot of fun outlining some of the roles of the people who work with you at your dealership. See also Service Manager Expectations and General Manager Expectations for more on the roles of people in your dealership.

Also Uncle Jimmy channels the Dalai Lama on the cosmic force of car-repair-karma and talks about the jobs that are currently kicking his ass.

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