Episode 127: Video Killed the Service Advisor

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we are diving head first into the deep end of video multi-point inspections. Right off the bat a lot of places are not paying for this service that they are expecting of their technicians, so they are going to get what they pay for a lot of the time. However, we can’t ignore the massive upside that this newfound “techs-eye-view” tool has given us in regards to the value of showing customer’s what is going on with their car. If everything on their car is good, let them know! If something is broken, you can point it out often by contrasting it with a good matching component just by moving your camera and showing the customer the differences. We don’t think you have to sell repairs in your video MPI’s, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t. Additionally having a technician talk directly to a customer about their car can do everything from build brand loyalty to passing on useful consumer information about upcoming repair concerns and maintenance items. If you do video MPI’s give this episode a listen and it might give you some useful tools and tips to help do them better. If you’re not getting paid for them, your bosses really shouldn’t be able to complain about the quality, but we think the benefits of doing them well are there. Also, if you have some useful tips or tricks, let us know over on our Facebook page!

Also Uncle Jimmy coins the term, “acceptable level of jackassery” in regards to his Video MPI’s and is starting to get requested by name by customers to do theirs!

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