Episode 128: Flat Rate for the Masses

On this week’s Grease the Wheels, we expand the idea of the flat rate system and ask, “what would happen if other occupations were paid flat rate?” In order to make flat rate work for you as a mechanic, you need to do the repairs well, and then do them fast. This is mostly because of the fact that you aren’t going to get paid for doing it the second time, and that learning curve isn’t fun when it’s coming out of your paycheck. If this same system were applied to occupations ranging from cashiers at Walmart to the police, what you’re going to get is more efficient service because there is a financial incentive to do it efficiently. Obviously there need to be checks and balances to the “Flat Rate for the Masses” system as well to prevent massive fraud and rampant corruption. We also get a little bit more down to earth and theorize how you could pay management and service advisors flat rate as a way of making sure that things actually get done.

Also, Uncle Jimmy gets downright draconian on people who text and drive and formulates the labor time for catching burglars as roughly the equivalent to a 4-wheel brake job, tire, alignment, and valve cover gasket.

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