Episode 129: MoFo Input

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we talk about some format changes that we are going to try with the podcast: where you guys send us in clips and we turn them into a show! We’re using an app called Speakpipe where you guys send us voicemails and we can download, edit and respond to you on the show.

Erik the Producer’s Notes for Callers:

  • The time limit on the voicemails is 5 minutes
  • If the link doesn’t work or it won’t let you send it, we’ve gone over our limit for the month (let us know, we’ll send you the link early next month)
  • When in doubt, write it down
  • If you screw something up or want to do it again, just pause for 5 seconds, think about it and repeat yourself (Uncle Jimmy does this at least twice an episode)
  • I’ll clean them up if you have a lot of verbal filler
  • Try to keep it fairly anonymous (you’ll hear about that in the episode)
  • No Hate Speech
  • See the Facebook Page for the link 2/4/21 @ 8:00pm EST

Topics We’re Looking For:

Your First Car: Maybe an awesome story about it, maybe something that it taught you, etc. It was YOUR first car, so make these stories your own!

Something You Fixed That Another Shop Couldn’t: This one went nuclear on facebook and we had some AWESOME submissions in writing. We’d love to hear them here!

Pitch Me Your Episode: Want to hear something on GTW, let us know. Want to not hear something on the show, also let us know!

Shoutouts: As only a bunch of wrench twisting MoFo’s can

Also Uncle Jimmy thinly veils working for Disney.

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