Episode 139: Touch Me Baby

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels we talk about the sense of touch! We also go into depth on having “the touch” and how to develop your own personal “touch” when working on cars. With the amount of components on modern cars that can’t be readily seen or accessed, having a good sense of touch is extremely important. “The Touch” is almost metaphysical, culminating in perfect harmony between man, tool and component with being able to nearly telepathically diagnose and repair cars. Uncle Jimmy also collectively makes the entire internet wince at once with a story of hitting himself in the eye with a hog ring- and being able to feel the dent it left! Some jobs require a deft touch, while others require levels of force only applicable with pressurized air. One more time and a little louder for the new/lube shop guys, 25nm on the drain plugs! When it comes to developing out your sense of touch as a mechanic, Lt. Aldo Raine said it best, “you know how ya’ get to Carnegie Hall don’t ya? Practice!” This is one of those episodes that is almost too funny to do a write up on, you’re just going to have to listen.

Also Uncle Jimmy describes his foreman fixing a rear window by finding it’s G-spot.

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