Episode 140: Passive Aggressive

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we take a break from our sustained assault of the senses and take aim at another plague of the world today: passive aggressive attitudes. In the automotive industry being passive aggressive is about as common as breathing with some people. However, in a departure from form we actually give you ways to be more passive aggressive! The opportunities are absolutely endless, from everyday conversation to purposely leaving your annotated resume on your toolbox and literally asking a service advisor for a grease gun for your toolbox. We go into some of the ways to be just that little bit extra passive aggressive to possibly cause a conversation that results in your concerns being heard.

Whether or not they are met is another matter entirely, but if you start the conversation with either your direct managers or the people in charge of the entire operation you never know where it might lead. Spoiler Alert: more often than not it will lead to broken promises and you greasing your wheels to a new shop, that is just where the automotive industry is at right now. Until management fields the concerns of their employees competently and in a timely fashion, they will continue to languish with staffing shortages.

Also Uncle Jimmy discusses the automotive industry’s relationship with the idea of “2-week notice” and channels Nostradamus to see where the industry is going if it stays on its current trajectory.

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