Episode 148: Happy Jack

On this week’s completely off-the-rails episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy gives a literal voice to some of the tools and equipment in your shop. What would happen if tools could talk? What if your wheel balancer, alignment machine, and tire machine could scream at you with the voice of your good old Uncle Jimmy when they’re being operated improperly? Odds are that it would keep them working longer! We also discuss the phenomenon of “warranty-itis” where a car will have all sorts of phantom problems coincidentally right before it is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty.

We also do a serious dive on the topic of welding, welders, and how your welder (if it gained sentience) would turn into Gordon Ramsay; while coming up with the brand “Practice Welders”. Either way our jobs could theoretically be a lot easier if every socket you dropped could play Marco Polo with you until you find them, or if cars could tell you what was wrong with them in plain english. Also Uncle Jimmy assumes that torches would have a harsh German accent, which is fitting considering they invented the flamethrower. This episode is complete insanity, but you should probably expect that by now! Let us know what your tools would say, or if you talk to your tools while you’re using them?

Also Uncle Jimmy absolutely massacres a Sean Connery impression and asks the pointed question, “would your car think you’re an asshole?”

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