Episode 157: Who Are You?

On this week’s Grease the Wheels we get out of self-reflective introspective mode and go straight for the jugular: asking the pointed question “who are you?” to everyone else in the building!

We know what we are there for, but a lot of these other bit part players can have nebulous or extremely vague job duties which lead them to have a variety of motivations (or lack thereof). Obviously, the owner or the board of directors is there to make the place as profitable as possible. What is cool about this is that depending on the scale of the company you work for there are various levels of access. Obviously if you work for a mom and pop and need some TP, you can typically just ask the boss directly. If you work in a company with more levels of management than techs in the shop, that request for TP might have to go through 8 or 9 different departments before you get it.

When you get into the vague mid-upper levels of management is where you run into the job titles where you get less concrete answers to “who are you?” and more specifically the follow up question “what do you do?” When it comes to the sales department, more often than not they only interact with us when they need something from us, so the question “who are you?” all of a sudden hits them a little bit close to the vest and becomes “what do you want?” Looking at you sales department.

At the end of the day, who you are comes down to what problems you solve and the manner in which you solve them.

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