Episode 158: Legal Matter

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we get into some of the laws and legal things to keep in mind when it comes to our occupation, and we don’t even get to OSHA! Uncle Jimmy finds some of the laws and guidelines for the State of Texas when it comes to auto repair from a consumer’s perspective. The too long didn’t read for this entire episode is, “get everything in writing” as well as the helpful tidbit that repair orders are in fact legal documents!

This is the helpful law episode to help make sure everyone is doing their jobs’ the right way and make sure that you can get paid in the eventuality that you have to take a customer to court. Because there is always someone who doesn’t want to pay, and if you have everything in writing it is going to be really hard for them to squirm out of it in a lot of cases.

Also Uncle Jimmy describes the simple joy of beating the life out of a rental car.

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