Episode 85: Tool Borrowing Etiquette

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels we are actually sort of topical to what’s going on with the world at large: sharing. Unlike the rest of the media who are saying things like “shelter in place” and “don’t come within 6 feet of other people”, we encourage sharing in specific circumstances even in these pandemic ridden times. The sheer number of different cars, and all of the years they have slight variations make it mathematically impossible for every technician to have every tool to do every job on every car ever. Eventually you are going to have to go to one of your buddies in the shop to borrow a tool. However, with what we now know, we ask that when you borrow a tool, you return it when you’re done using it to its proper place WITHOUT potentially deadly pathogens as stowaways.

Also, Uncle Jimmy boils down 5000 years of Buddhism into about 45 seconds and theorizes that all of the missing 10mm sockets are actually just reincarnated auto technicians being dicks.