Episode 84: “Complimentary” Multi Point Inspections

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we take a look at what should be the most profitable thing that we do all day: Multipoint inspections. However, most of the time when a dealership or shop says that they have complimentary multi point inspections, they are really complements of the technicians doing it. Meaning, they do the job for free and the shop doesn’t charge the customer. This is wrong on many levels, but then gets compounded when you have service advisors declining service to the customers vehicle even before the quote gets to your parts department. When the numbers get tallied up and you figure out what your service advisor doesn’t sell, then it becomes quickly apparent how the post quarantine economy runs entirely on toilet paper.

Live read:
Hello Grease the Wheels Nation, this is Erik the Producer talking to you before the show. Now given the unique format that our show is recorded and produced we haven’t been able to address some of the more pressing issues in the automotive community regarding the COVID 19 or coronavirus pandemic situation. We are currently working in association with other automotive media outlets to create more relevant and helpful content as we get more information and that will be coming very soon. However in the meantime I have a message from Uncle Jimmy to all of you:

Cars are going to keep breaking- we will keep fixing them. How and where and with what tools might change, but we fix cars. The first rule of having a car is that they break, the second rule of having a car is that you can do nothing about rule number one. Unless Coronavirus can suspend the law of entropy we’re still in business.

Anyone, from the lot kid to the detail guys to you, that has to deal with the interior of the car should take precautionary measures. Gloves, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer. Whatever you gotta have to minimize your exposure is a good thing, so keep doing it. Cars are pretty much a four-wheel petri dish, so the fact that we all have not been exposed to something way worse like bubonic plague is a minor miracle.

So let us know what we can do to help you. If you guys need more content, we can make that happen. We could stitch two shows together without too much trouble. We could release an extra episode on a different day. We can do more long format episodes and roundtable discussions. We want to keep you guys doing what you do best because right now a lot of people are depending on all of us.