Episode 91: Master Tech Roundtable – Dogtown, Austin TX

On this week’s (extra) episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy sits down with fellow BMW Master tech’s Kirk and Travis with their Nova Scotia Duck Tollers (Miley, Farley, and Shimmer) and about 30 beers. Absolutely nothing is off the table in this shop-talk-heavy episode: including the indy v. dealer debate, the physical and mental toll of the job, and the good, bad, and ugly of management. We also talk at length about the N63 V8 and some of the insane jobs we have to do to them regularly. Finally, we talk about the new guys and guys new to the industry, generational differences in the trades, and how being an old tech is like being an old running back in the NFL. If you have ever worked in the industry, this is a must listen episode full of some of the most relatable and hilarious banter you’ve ever heard. Also Kirk and Travis drive by their neighbor as he tries to fix his 760 with a V12, and it ends up at their shop a few days later.

Also Travis says “ethnicities” right after 6 beers, Kirk introduces new segments by opening a beer, and Uncle Jimmy blames accountants for all of society’s woes while planning out his summer.

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