Episode 92: How To Be A Service Advisor

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are going over some of the core elements of what made this show popular: beating the snot out of service advisors! As you can probably guess, the revolving door is turning at Uncle Jimmy’s shop for service advisors and that is bringing all sorts of havoc, so buckle in. We go over in detail the job description of a service advisor, the lack of training, and the need for almost a farm system of sorts for service advisors to be able to get experience. Uncle Jimmy lays out all of the things that service advisors need to know to be successful in a high end shop such as his; including selling the value of the technicians in the building and knowing that once a customer brings their car to your shop that they have already waved the white flag on fixing it themselves. If you have a service advisor that could be selling more and helping you make more money, lock them in their office and turn this episode on full blast under the door. Then take the extra money you make and give a few bucks of it to our Patreon: patreon.com/greasethewheels

Also Uncle Jimmy channels the Lord God Almighty and Erik covers all of the shoutouts that we haven’t been doing a good job keeping up on at the end of the episode. This episode was distributed by TheWrenchingNetwork.com. Make sure you go over there and check out some of the awesome mechanics gear that they have over on their new website and when you see our posts over on the wrenching network, mechanics memes, or any of those great content spots- make sure you stop and comment!