Episode 95: Make Them Pay

On this week’s episode we are talking about those times when you just want to go absolutely medieval on customers because they’re being unreasonable. Now we know that any time that your car is broken is the worst time for your car to be broken, but for some people this inconvenience of modern life is just too much. This leads them to do things like say you, the technician, broke their car. This has and will happen again to every single technician on planet earth, and it comes in the universal language of, “ever since you…” fill in the blank. Finally, we take another stab at explaining karma when it comes to messing with people’s cars, and those moments when we have to be agents of the universe and dole out a bit of karma in the form of massive repair estimates by documenting EVERYTHING that their car needs.

Also, Uncle Jimmy talks about things that are worse than having your car break.

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