Episode 96: More New Guy Stuff

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we are going back to the new guys, but specifically in relation to the old guys in the shop. Obviously a lot of us have noticed that the number of new guys coming in the door isn’t as high as it used to be at the time when a lot of us entered the industry, and what is the quality of these new to the industry techs? In our experience, it’s a completely mixed bag. Every new guy really is different. There is no way that the factories can train someone on every single car that comes in our dealership’s door, so instead they give them the basics and fill them in on some of the things they really do need to know. It then falls to us, the more experienced techs in the shop, to sort of finish their training. Finally, we propose a sort of “new guy mentorship and tool loaning” program, because someday those new guys are going to be the old guys in the shop, so it’s up to us to impart the crazy tips and tricks to repairs now rather than later.

Also, Uncle Jimmy talks about his preferred method of getting on the “No Fly” list.

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